What is NLUI?

NLUI is Natural Language User Interaction. At Tuebora, we believe that AI is most powerful when you infuse the best parts of human cognition and reasoning into machine learning. By using common verbs, phrases, and clauses as the User Interface controls, our innovative platform recognizes and interprets natural language instead of requiring programming language inputs.

We support many facets of natural language, such as conversational dialog, question and answer structure, summarization requests, and even relation extraction. The end result is a dramatically improved customer experience, where IAM tasks are remarkably intuitive, universally accessible, and measurably more efficient than legacy approaches.


How Does NLUI Improve IAM?

Eliminate need for understanding terminology and UI of multiple, disparate systems

Experience a consistent interface across multiple channels, devices, languages

Increase productivity across all IAM personnel – users, administrators, owners, compliance team

Deliver a superior customer experience

Unlock huge savings – both in time and dollars

What Does NLUI Look Like?

Evolution of IAM

What is the Backstory of Generative AI for IAM?

Tuebora is envisioning IAM beyond the basic automation of manual processes and leading the way with a self-driven approach that incorporates machine learning and natural language interactions to deliver optimized solutions.

Application of Generative AI

Who Needs NLUI?


“Create an account in Azure for John Doe”

Role: Administrator

• Set up and Configuration
• Implementation of Complex Workflows
• Ongoing Administration and Maintenance

Access Request

“Request admin role for John Doe in SAP”

Role: Application Owners

• Approve Requests
• Monitor Application usage

Access Reviews

“Generate list of all access not reviewed in the last 90 days”

Role: Compliance Personnel

• Ask security and compliance-related queries (forensics)
• Request custom reports for audit and other purposes

On-demand Reporting

“Report on High-Risk Activities this week”

Role: Security Team

• Monitor security threats
• Escalate high-risk activities

Account Management

“Reset my password”

Role: End User

• Self-Service Operations (Request Access)

Access Control

“Give me a list of violated controls in SAP”

Role: Compliance Director

• Track control violations across assets
• Manage compliance remediation

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